WACHE School
WACHE School is a ministry within the WACHE organization, designed to provide a school setting in which WACHE children come together one day a week to take classes to enhance their education. WACHE School is not meant to take the place of the basic education that they should be receiving at home by the parent. WACHE School is not a drop off program for anyone, except for those high school students participating in the high school drop off program. WACHE School classes are taught by parents of WACHE children participating in WACHE School. These teachers volunteer their time, talents, and wisdom. At times, when we do not have parent teachers available, we will hire outside teachers so that popular classes can still be offered.

 WACHE School is a structured learning environment with social aspects. When choosing to participate in WACHE School, the participant is accepting the structured style of learning for the number of hours chosen to participate. All children are expected to fully participate in the classes in which they are enrolled. There are no classes offered where participation is optional. Some of the classes require homework to be turned in the following week, and other classes cover all the material during the class time. 

It is the goal of WACHE School to offer core classes every semester. If your child is signed up for one of the core classes available, they may be required to do additional school work outside of class, there may be papers to write, homework to do, tests to study for and projects to complete. This class will conclude with a grade given that can be used for transcripts. Students taking core classes will be expected to take the class seriously and meet required expectations or they may be asked to drop it. A variety of enrichment classes will also be offered each semester. Enrichment offerings may or may not change from semester to semester depending on interest as well as volunteer willingness. 
WACHE School Handbook
IMPACT Drop off Program
 High school students, grades 9th-12th, who are at least 14 years of age, may participate in the WACHE IMPACT high school drop off program. Our desire for the IMPACT program is to give upper level students more options for learning opportunities without the requirement of a parent being on campus. Space for the program will be limited. The IMPACT program will have a registration fee of $100. Parents must sign a waiver of release. Both parents and students must agree to and sign a code of conduct.

High School Graduate Track

Our high school academic classes are taught by experienced, passionate teachers who present challenging curriculum necessary to fulfill high school credits. Numeric grades will be provided to each student for their transcript.

To make the high school academic classes possible, we offer rotations of courses every other year so that students in grades 9th-12th can start at whatever point they need.

Fall Registration Dates
Fall Semester 2019: June 1st – July 5th
Fees and Dues


Per School Age Student$20.00

Per Nursery Age Student$20.00

Online Registration Fee

Per Family$10.00

Course Registration Fee

Per CourseVaries by Course

For more information on WACHE School please feel free to email us.