How Much Does WACHE Cost?

This is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions!  Here is a breakdown of the fees associated with joining WACHE, and registering for WACHE School.

WACHE Membership Fees 

  • $35 Yearly Membership Fee (This fee is non-refundable and covers fees that go into running the organization/yearly budget: insurance, parties, PayPal fees, website, supplies, etc)
  • You will pay $9.95 per background check, per adult, once every 3 years. (These fees are paid directly to the background check company, not to WACHE).
  • These are the only fees you pay to join the WACHE organization, and gives you access to all field trips, parties, activities, etc.   This also gives you the ability to register for WACHE School, if you choose to participate in that.  About 80% of our members participate in WACHE school co-op classes.  This part of WACHE has it’s own, separate fees.  


Class Registration Fees (these do not include individual class fees – this is the base fee to get your child registered for classes)

  • Each School Age Student per semester    –      $20
  • Each Nursery Age Student per semester   –     $20
  • Impact High School Drop-Off Program student per semester – $100

Online Registration Fee for our registration portal

  • Per Family for the year   –   $10.00

Course Fees

  • Per Course – This varies by course and depends on the classes you choose for your child.  Some class fees are as low as $5, $10, $15, $20 per class, for the semester.  Others can be in the $50-$100 range per semester – especially for Core High School classes, or specialty lessons like guitar or ballet. 


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