Laying the path
Our Board of Directors are responsible for creating and administering the policies and procedures for our organization as well as guiding the organization in order to accomplish the mission of schooling our children in a Christlike manner. 
President- Katie & Jared Haggard

Katie and Jared have filled the role of President for the last 2 years. As President of the WACHE Board they are responsible for providing oversight of WACHE and ensuring that the organization is fulfilling its purpose.  They are also responsible for organizing and facilitating Board Meetings and maintaining the Policies and Procedures of WACHE as well as answering any questions pertaining to them. They assist all other roles of the WACHE Board as needed in order to provide oversight and assistance as needed.
Vice President- Nesha & Jeremy Farber

As Vice President Nesha and Jeremy assist the President with any duties necessary and stand as interim President when Katie and Jared cannot fulfill their duties. As Vice President they are responsible for all duties pertaining to membership of the organization  to include vetting new members and maintaining the records of current and past members. 
Secretary- Teressa & Tony Rizzo 
As Secretary Teressa and Tony are responsible for ensuring that the WACHE organization records are up to date and factual.  This includes recording the minutes for all Board meetings, editing and review of all organization documentation, and publication of upcoming events. The Secretary is also responsible for communicating upcoming events and changes to all WACHE members.
Treasurer- Yesenia & Travis Lane
As Treasurer Yesenia and Travis are responsible for accounting of all WACHE funds. This requires accurate electronic record keeping as well as reporting monthly to the Board on the status of all WACHE accounts.
WACHE School President-Angela & Steven Taylor 
As WACHE School President Angela and Steven are responsible for representing the interests of WACHE school as well as creating its policies and procedures. 
Web Administration- Katy & Ted Lachenmayer
As Director of the Athletics program Katy and Ted are responsible for organizing all athletic events.  They also serve as the WACHE website administration team.  This role includes writing the content of the website as well as keeping it up to date with all pertinent information.