WACHE Board of Directors

WACHE is a non-profit 501c3 organization.  We are run by a Board of Directors.  The current Executive Board positions consist of President, Vice President/Membership Director, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

Our Board of Directors are responsible for creating and administering the policies and procedures for our organization as well as guiding the organization in order to accomplish the mission and goal of this organization.  Below you will find a little more information about the role of each of our board members, along with a way to contact them.

Mendi Carlson


As President of the WACHE Board, Mendi and Jim are responsible for providing oversight of WACHE and ensuring that the organization is fulfilling its purpose. They are also responsible for organizing and facilitating Board Meetings and maintaining the Policies and Procedures of WACHE as well as answering any questions pertaining to them. They assist all other roles of the WACHE Board as needed in order to provide oversight and assistance as needed.



Jessica McAlister

Vice President/Membership Director

As Vice President, Jessica assists the President with any duties necessary and stand as interim President if the President is unable to continue their duties.  As Vice President she is responsible for all duties pertaining to membership of the organization to include vetting new members and maintaining the records of current and past members.


Teressa Rizzo



As Secretary, Teressa and Tony are responsible for ensuring that the WACHE organization records are up to date and factual.  This includes recording the minutes for all Board meetings, editing and review of all organization documentation, and publication of upcoming events. The Secretary is also responsible for communicating upcoming events and changes to all WACHE members.



Jana Powell



As Treasurer, Jana is responsible for the accounting of all WACHE funds, both incoming and outgoing. This requires accurate electronic record keeping, creating the WACHE budget in conjunction with the President, as well as reporting monthly to the Board on the status of all WACHE accounts.  


WACHE Member Support Team


Angela Taylor

WACHE School Director

As WACHE School Director, Angela is responsible for running WACHE School, which is an extension of WACHE, as well as creating its policies and procedures.  She works with a special leadership team to accomplish the tasks associated with running our weekly co-op classes.


Ashley Kidd

Committee Recruiter

Ashley is responsible for a yearly membership drive to fill all chair and member seats for WACHE Event Committees.  She educates all chairs about reoccurring/yearly events, as well as suggestions for monthly events, but each committee is autonomous under the leadership of their chairpersons.  She is responsible for updating the website calendar as events arise.  She is also an available support for committee chairs if a need arises.  She is available to help committee chairs fill any open/necessary seats.


Katie Haggard

WACHE Webmaster

As WACHE Webmaster, Katie is responsible for maintaining and updating our WACHE website regularly.  She also creates graphics for WACHE and keeps up with all passwords and online registrations WACHE holds as an organization (web hosting, google and email platforms, wache email addresses, etc)