Frequently Asked Questions

WACHE Questions

  1. Q:  What do I need to do to become a member?
    A:  To become a member of the WACHE organization, please click this link and follow the steps laid out there.

2. Q:  How much does WACHE cost?
A:  There are fees to join the WACHE organization to be eligible participate in events and activities with the group, including being eligible to register for WACHE School classes.  If you choose to participate in WACHE School classes, there are separate fees for that.
To see a breakdown of the fees associated with joining the WACHE organization, and those associated with WACHE School, click HERE.

3. Q:  How long does it take to become a member?
A:  After you fill out your membership application, AND complete your background check, you can expect a response from our membership director about the state of your membership within 1-2 weeks. 

4.  Q:  Do I have to sign up for WACHE School/attend classes to be a member of WACHE?
A:  No.  You can enjoy the other benefits to being a member of WACHE without choosing to join in on the classes/WACHE School part of our group.  For more info on what that looks like, click HERE.

5.  Q:  What methods of payment do you accept?
A:  Our most commonly used payment method is PayPal.  We also accept checks and cash for certain events, activities, or classes.

6.  Q:  What is the difference between WACHE and WACHE School?
A:  WACHE (Westside Association of Christian Home Educators) is our main homeschool group.  Membership into our group gives you the opportunity to join in on events, field trips, parties, etc, with our homeschool group.  Membership with WACHE also gives you the opportunity to sign up for our co-op classes (but is not required to be a member).  Our co-op classes are called WACHE School.  WACHE School is one of the benefits of joining WACHE – giving you the opportunity to participate in the co-op classes.  

7.  Q:  Does WACHE have HSLDA or THSC discount codes?   
     A:  Yes!  WACHE updates our group registration information with the Texas Homeschool Coalition (THSC) each year.  With your membership at WACHE you can receive a discount code of $20 off your registration fee for your THSC membership each year.  If you are a current member of WACHE and would like to obtain this code, contact the WACHE President at


WACHE School Questions

1.  Q:  What types of classes do you offer?
A:  To see an example of what classes look like in any given semester, click this link to our WACHE School website class list.  This will show you the current or most recent semester of class offerings and their descriptions.

2.  Q:  What ages can attend WACHE School?
A:  Children from birth through 12th grade can attend WACHE School.  We have nursery available beginning at 6 weeks old (before that, you will need to keep your baby with you).  Our nursery through pre-k classes are ONLY available to families who have school-aged children attending classes at WACHE school.  If your oldest child is not yet school age (kinder and above), you will need to wait to register for WACHE School classes until your oldest has reached that stage.  (You are still welcome to join the WACHE organization and participate in field trips, events, parties, etc.)

3.  Q:  What does the parent involvement look like during WACHE School?
A:  The parent who attends WACHE School with their children each week will be given a “job” during each class hour their child has classes.  This could range from teaching a class (only if you sign up to do so), assisting a teacher in a class, being on the hall monitor/security team, monitoring study hall, or being a substitute (given an assignment to fill in where needed when someone is absent).  You will also be expected to help with one of the following four areas each week, and placed on one of these duties:  set up crew, lunch duty, clean up/tear down crew or snack shack.

4.  Q:  What is the deadline to register for classes?
A:  This date changes from semester to semester, and year to year, but we will post registration dates on our websites and facebook group when the dates have been determined.  The fall semester registration is usually in June, and the Spring registration is usually in November, with a possible extra registration date in January for new members.  These dates are posted on our WACHE School Website when registration time comes around, and also on our Facebook page, email newsletters, and here on the WACHE website.  

5.  Q:  How many classes/hours are required to attend each week at WACHE School?
A:  If you decide to register your student for WACHE School classes, you can choose anywhere from 2-4 classes for each week per student, but must take a minimum if 2 classes per student to enroll.  One thing to keep in mind when choosing your classes and the times you want to attend – we break for lunch between our 2nd and 3rd hour classes, which is a nice time for kids to spend time with their friends.  

6.  Q:  How many weeks does WACHE School meet throughout the school year?  What day of the week?  What time?
A:  WACHE School meets on Mondays for 13 weeks in the fall and 13 weeks in the spring.  We take breaks on any major holidays that our WACHE School classes might fall on (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and also Spring Break).  
        Our morning announcements begin at 9AM each Monday, quickly followed by our first hour class at 9:15.  We have four class hours, with a lunch break in between our 2nd and 3rd hour classes.  Our final class of the day ends at 2:20pm.

7.  Q:  Are all parents required to teach at least once a semester/school year?
A:  No.  You do not ever have to teach a class if it is not something you are comfortable doing.  There are plenty of other ways to help at WACHE School each week.  (However, if you have something you can teach that would benefit our students – we would LOVE to have you!)

8.  Q:  If I pay extra, can I drop off my elementary or middle school aged student?
A:  No.  We do not offer a drop-off program for these grade levels.  We do, however, have a high school age drop off program.  You can learn more about that HERE.

9.  Q:  Am I guaranteed to get the class I want for my child?
A:  No.  We do our WACHE School registration on a priority basis.  Board Members, WACHE School Team members, teachers who taught 4, 3, 2, or 1 classes last semester, then current WACHE members with good attendance at WACHE School the previous semester, WACHE members, then brand new WACHE members.  If a class you wanted has filled up by the time your registration slot opens up, you will need to choose an alternate class.

9.  Q:  Can I attend classes with my child?
A:  If you are teaching a class, your child can absolutely be in your class – even if the class has filled up.  You could also request to be an assistant in a class your child is in.  It is not guaranteed you will get that room assignment with your child.  It is based on many different factors that our WACHE School assistant director has to take into consideration when creating all of the parent assignments for the semester.  We do our best to make accommodations whenever possible, but we just can not guarantee this to everyone.  If you have a child or a situation with extenuating circumstances and must be in their classroom, feel free to reach out to our school director to discuss this with her further –