Opportunities for education and fellowship 
WACHE has multiple organizations under its umbrella that allow it’s members opportunities to come together for school courses, athletic events, field trips, and age appropriate fellowship.  

WACHE School
Composed of volunteer teachers this provides the opportunity for students to take a wide variety of courses in a classroom environment. 
This is for WACHE School members only. See WACHE School link for more information, course descriptions, and schedule.  
Field Trips and Events
WACHE groups take multiple field trips throughout the year as well as offering multiple party events and trips.  See Calendar and Events page for more information.
Allowing an opportunity for our Teenagers to get together and fellowship in safe Christian environments. See Calendar and Events page for more information.
Athletics: Bowmen Sports
Participant Families must be a member of WACHE.
PE 101 is a 90-minute class that allows students to explore multiple sports in a fun, learning environment. This program is designed for students to be ACTIVE while learning about athletics and team sports.
Each class begins with a dynamic warm-up and stretch. Next, we rotate through agility stations and drills. Units of study includes sport specific drills and games, including rules of the game, strategy and the fundamentals required to play. We also enjoy fun classic games like kickball, dodgeball, whiffleball, wallball and capture the flag.
Enroll at Bowmen Sports.
Mother’s Night Out 
Giving mom’s the opportunity to fellowship and have a good time without the kiddos or hubbies along. See Calendar and Events page for more information.