WACHE School Administrators
We would like to take a moment to recognize and introduce the members of the School Board at WACHE School as well as our core class teachers. These individuals are volunteers and are dedicated to making WACHE School a successful and Christ centered organization. 

School Board
Director-Angela Taylor
Duties for the Director position are so numerous that it is difficult to name them all. Besides overseeing daily WACHE School activities, Angela’s duties vary from preparing for each new semester by recruiting teachers to helping to set up registration, figuring out the logistics of classroom assignments based on enrollment, and preparing for orientation. The director fields numerous emails and calls throughout the school year from prospective and current members. During the school day the director keeps WACHE school running smoothly and delegates duties when necessary. This job requires a lot of behind the scenes work.
Assistant Director- Christi Garner
Christi works closely with the WACHE School Director throughout the school year to assist her where needed. The assistant director works to set up the registration website, makes all parent assignments, and inputs this information into the registration website and the online spreadsheet. Christi also fills the role of Substitute Coordinator ensuring that all classes are staffed each week.
Education Coordinator-Jill Horsburgh 
Jill created and administrates the Kindness Project.  She also serves as a helpful resource for teachers by helping them with curriculum and teaching styles as well as providing information on course needs. 
Treasurer- Rob James
Rob handles all of the WACHE School finances, including, but not limited to, collecting registration, portal, class fees, and informing members when all fees are due. Rob is also in charge of keeping track of WACHE School Expenses and Budget.
Special Events Coordinator- Ashley Kidd
Ashley is responsible for forming committees for all the special events held during the WACHE School year. These events include (but are not limited to) Teacher Appreciation, Fall Festival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas party, Valentine’s Day Party, etc.
Admin Coordinator- Jean Ann Lopez
Jean Ann is responsible for cheerfully greeting all members as they enter the building each morning and keeping track of daily attendance. The Admin Coordinator must also closely monitor and keep track of people entering and exiting the building throughout the day. Greeting visitors, providing visitor tags, and escorting them to where they need to be is also expected. Jean Ann is also  responsible for keeping up with and ordering the necessary supplies for WACHE school to run smoothly
Facilities Coordinator- Kim Brant
This position includes working with a team to make sure the facility is set up for the day. This might include setting up tables, placing signs where needed, and setting out specific admin supplies. At the end of the day the Coordinator makes sure the facility is put back the way we found it. It includes vacuuming floors, cleaning table tops, sweeping tile floors, taking out trash, and making sure classrooms are left according to the facility floor chart posted on each classroom door. These assistants make sure that the building is left cleaner than when WACHE School entered the building and as if we were never even there. Clean up usually only takes 30 minutes and is done during the last hour of WACHE School. This job is performed in place of assisting or teaching in a class the first and last hour.
Core Class Teachers
Lucy Pope
Susan Flaherty
Joshua Boggs
Sarah Jones
Katy Lachenmayer
ASL and IEW 2
Joanna Koo
Guitar, General Music
Jill Horsburgh
Life Science, Dave Ramsey Personal Finance 
Christi Garner
IEW and Literature
Rob James 
Speech & Debate and Chess
Rebecca Clark
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