Core Class Teachers

Josh Boggs - PHYSICS

I studied Mechanical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Go Buckeyes! I have worked as an engineer and as an industrial designer for Dell, Nike, and am currently the Director of Design and Engineering for a golf club company based in Oklahoma. My wife, Katie, and I live in Aledo and have been homeschooling our 3 boys for 5 years. I am looking forward to teaching your student the fundamentals of Physics in an exciting and hands on approach. The curriculum we are using will be focused on the material that will appear on the AP Physics 1 test next spring.
Rebecca Clark - BIOLOGY

My husband of 11 years and I have three wonderful children who joined WACHE in the fall of 2016 to help support our homeschool journey. In the fall of 2017 I began teaching through WACHE and fell in love with the atmosphere and students. I now am expanding my love of teaching into the High School realm as a biology teacher. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University with a minor in English and a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have a deep love for both the arts and the sciences and I cannot wait to begin my journey teaching science at WACHE.

I have been married for 17 years and have three children. My interest in World History probably began before I got married and my husband was deployed to Kuwait. I learned a lot in a short time. Over the years, I have collected more knowledge after each deployment and then, through my own experiences travelling to different countries as a university international/graduate admissions director. I did not have a positive experience learning history in high school, which is why my goal is to help students find an appreciation of and, hopefully, a passion for history, in a way that is unique and interesting.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Studies from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with a minor in Humanities. Some of the courses I have taught at WACHE include American Girl History and High School US History.

I married my husband Eric in 2009. Before we started our family, I worked for an ophthalmic surgeon and became fascinated with that field as I moved throughout the clinic. It was a high stress and face paced environment so I decided to leave and become a full time mom once I became pregnant. We have two sweet and happy boys in early elementary. We decided to homeschool our children because we love spending time with them and watching them learn and explore. While it challenges me most days, I am very happy with our decision to take control of educating our children. We joined WACHE in 2017 and quickly felt comfortable and united with the group. As an instructor, I have taught an elementary class based on The Dangerous Book for Boys. I look forward to teaching IEW Writing and Early American History this fall. I enjoy learning history and encourage conversation on how life was for people many years ago and visualizing the story. I always look forward to learning new things with my students. In my spare time, I enjoy playing outside with my kids, running, or piddling around a garage (I used to be somewhat of a gear head). "Spare time," that's funny. I am excited to get the opportunity to know more of the students and staff at WACHE in the following year.
Susan Flaherty - LITERATURE/ART

I am Susan Flaherty, a Christian homeschool mom, and art teacher. Art has always been my favorite school subject; so when given the opportunity to attend the University of Texas at Arlington, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and certification to teach secondary art in Texas. I have taught art in the Arlington ISD, but most of my 14 years of experience has been teaching art classes to all ages at our homeschool co-op. By God’s grace, I hope to continue providing opportunities, instruction, and encouragement toward creativity and excellence in drawing, painting, sculpture, and other forms of visual communication.

I have also always enjoyed the beauty in literature. In addition to art, I embrace the opportunity to teach high school Fundamentals of Literature this year.
I am married and have 3 children. Hannah and Hudson have graduated from homeschool high school, and Samuel is in 9th grade. He also attends WACHE.

My five children and I began our WACHE school adventure in 2014 after moving to the Fort Worth area. With a love for the program, I have been teaching IEW since 2011 in a co-op setting, as well as teaching it to my own children at home before that. In 2016, I became an accredited IEW instructor and I am currently working on the next level of IEW certification. I am also teaching A Novel Idea which is Middle School Literature and will be an interesting journey through some great books! Earning a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology and an Associate’s degree in Arts, I discovered a great passion for all types of writing and literature.

As I tell all my students every year, I have very high expectations that the Lord is going to teach them so much through these writing, literature and grammar programs. My greatest hope is for each student to become a confident writer and have an advanced understanding of literary concepts!

My teaching adventure began many, many, many years ago after earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in education with an emphasis in elementary and middle school math. My 25 years of teaching have been spent with sweet children in public, private, Christian classical, and homeschool arenas. I have taught pre-kindergarten all the way through high school and almost every subject you can imagine. My oldest son, Jamie (now 20), swam upstream through public school like so many kids do, so I decided to do something better with my two youngest. My husband, David, and I decided to homeschool Ava (now 14) and Ben (now 12) ten years ago. It has been a blessing and a welcome challenge. I aim to inspire all my students to pursue excellence while learning then reviewing bite-sized chunks of information. I love watching children overcome difficulties to find success. For the 2018-19 WACHE School year, I will teach Middle School Life Science, along with Elementary Life Science and Foundations of Personal Finance for high school. I look forward to learning with and teaching your student while laying a solid education foundation.

Before anything, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, dad to my four kids, and husband to my off the charts awesome wife, Amanda. We’ve been together for 15 years and still love going to Disney and traveling to new places (mostly Disney, though!).

I am originally from Kansas City where I graduated from the University of Kansas with degrees in Physical Anthropology and English. I also attended Avila University where I picked up an M.Ed. with an emphasis in secondary education and TESOL. Professionally, I’ve been a professional trainer in telecommunications, teacher, and photographer.

This year, I’ll be teaching speech and debate -- an endeavor I am truly passionate about. I competed and coached debate/forensics in both high school and college where I competed all across the country and even placed second nationally my sophomore year of college. I approach debate with a primary emphasis on sound argumentation and logical thinking. After that, we have fun learning how to speak and think in front of a listening audience.
Sarah Jones - CHEMISTRY

I am a homeschool teacher of 11 years, mother to 4, with a BS in Bioenvironmental Science from Texas A&M. I have been teaching lab-based science courses in a co-op setting since 2008. I enjoy teaching labs because reading textbooks can be boring, and involving students in hands-on activities together develops curiosity. I’m known for making my students work, but also for giving them the benefit of the doubt when evaluating that work. I am honest and frank with a strong belief that God forgives, and I take joy in the forgiven life. My hope is to support students in accomplishing what they at first think will be hard for them and to persuade them to grow in courage.I am energized by high educational standards; my favorite part of the school-year is the planning required. When I am not planning and teaching, I am most likely cooking, gardening, camping or digging a hole in the dirt somewhere.
Joanna Koo – MUSIC

Hello, my name is Joanna Koo. I have had the honor to teach music classes at WACHE since Spring 2016. Music has always been part of me. My mom is a retired piano teacher who is still teaching piano. My first experience with teaching was substituting for my mom at the age of 15. I hold the ABRSM Level 8 Certificate for Piano and graduated in 2004 from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education Degree. I also hold a current Professional Teaching Certificate from the State of Florida for the subject of Music, K-12 Grade. I first realized my calling to be a music educator in 10th Grade when I discovered a love for conducting. I have 3 children with my husband, Phillip.
Christi Kreger - GOVERNMENT

My family and I have been with WACHE since 2004 when my oldest child entered Kindergarten. I do not think I would have homeschooled them without the love and support WACHE has given us. I am currently working on an EC-6 Education Degree at Stephen F. Austin University and plan to go on teaching in either the public or private realm once my kids are finished with me. I have taught many subjects at WACHE over the years, primarily focusing on science or social sciences. For the past few years, I have been teaching high school economics and have found that I enjoy teaching this subject in a group setting where we can do activities to drive the concepts home. I also feel that government is the same type of subject and look forward to teaching it as well this year.
Katy Lachenmayer - IEW WRITING

I was homeschooled for all 12 years and I now homeschool my own 2 children. My family and I have been part of the WACHE community for 5 years where I have taught many classes to various age groups. This year I am excited to tackle teaching IEW. My own experience with writing is that as a homeschool graduate, I excelled at my writing exam into college. I went on to lead and then write many of my own bible studies.

My background is as diverse as it is interesting. Most people don’t know that I have 2 decades of experience in sign language and have won many awards, judged in competitions, as well as taught and written my own curriculum. I started a deaf ministry at my church and interpreted the worship services when I was only 16 through 19 years old. That led to me also traveling with my church to do interpreting. One of my biggest moments was interpreting at the Meyerson in Dallas. Some other fun facts that surprise people are that I have performed and taught spiritual, religious dance and I am a bronze level ballroom dancer.

I feel like IEW is an excellent writing program and that your student will learn so much in my class. I look forward to what this year in IEW will bring.
Lucy Pope – SPANISH 1 AND 2

Hola! Me encanta hablar y enseñar español! I was born in the States, but my early years were spent in Central America from which my family is from. So, in many ways my first language was Spanish. Although my dominant language is now English, Spanish has always been at the tip of my tongue. I enjoy the benefit that being bilingual gives me – being able to connect with twice as many people – and I enjoy sharing that with my own kids and others!

For me, it is important that those learning the language enjoy it and use it; therefore, I like to make our learning practical and interesting. Pronunciation is key, so phonetics is a primary element to the course…reading, writing, vocabulary, conversation and conjugation make up the course work for Spanish I.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University and worked in Telecommunications. I owned my own business when we started a family and homeschooled when my firstborn was school age. I have 3 children and have homeschooled them for the past 10 years. It has been a joy learning alongside them and discovering our educational philosophy: Live & Learn!
Mandy Sexton - ESSAY WRITING

I am a second-generation homeschooler, and I love homeschooling my own brood as well. This year marks a milestone for us as we graduate the first of five from our eclectic education lifestyle. I am a college dropout- leaving school after completing my sophomore year to marry and do mission work in Honduras, C.A. Returning stateside, my husband and I continued in youth ministry for ten years before moving to the DFW area for more college and job opportunities. I am an avid reader; the classics are my favorite. I love British comedy, documentaries, and a good western.

I love to teach writing because I enjoy drawing out students’ ideas and helping them learn the technical skills to effectively communicate those ideas. My teaching style is relational, and I am excited to share my passion for words with the blossoming writers at WACHE School this year.